Roku now has an 8K channel for TCL TVs

What better way to show off the splendor of visuals than with nature programming? That seems to be train of thought as it the first premium 8K channel to its platform: The Explorers.

The only 8K Roku TVs on the market right now are from TCL. The first of those sets was released in 65” and 75” formats in August. TCL the TV at CES. 

Ultra-high definition premium content from The Explorers (which also offers free content through its channel) will typically cost $3/month. A tenth of that fee will be donated to The Explorers Foundation, which aims to preserve biodiversity. However, if you’re have an an TCL Roku TV 6-Series 8K display, you’ll get a .

Displays with 8K capabilities can show video in up to four times the resolution of standard 4K content. But the trouble is, there isn’t much 8K content that early adopters can watch on their new TVs. YouTube is perhaps the main hub of 8K footage at the minute.

TCL noted that are becoming more commonplace, and owners even have one in their pockets. So, there’s much more 8K content on the way. Still, buying an 8K set is mainly about future proofing for the time being, rather than and watching TV shows and movies at home in a higher resolution right now.

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