Talk to a vet online when your pet needs one with Pawp

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For the last year, pet owners have had to contend with restricted availability of resources. Ensuring your animal is happy, healthy, and safe can be difficult when it’s so difficult to get a hold oof veterinarians and pet experts. Pawp is a pet insurance alternative that protects up to six pets, giving owners access to a 24/7 remote vet and a $3,000 emergency safety net for vet bills.

For a monthly premium and no hidden out-of-pocket expenses, you can reach the only online veterinary clinic that’s entirely appointment free. If you have a concern about your pet, whether it’s a question about a new behavior or preventative care, you can text, call or video chat and within five minutes you’ll be speaking with an online veterinarian who can assist with everything your pet needs. You’ll have 24/7 access to Pawp veterinarians, letting you speak with a professional when you need one, not just when they happen to be available.

Pawp is an excellent pet insurance alternative that can help you give your pets the longest, happiest lives they can live. If you’re a new pet owner and need to talk to a vet now, whether it’s a question about which food is healthiest or whether a behavior is normal, you can contact one of Pawp’s vets immediately. Seasoned pet owners can also benefit from 24-hour access to an online vet to confirm they’re doing everything they need for their companions.

Regardless of your pet’s age, breed or location, Pawp can help you keep your pet happy and healthy without needing to visit an in-person veterinarian. Accessing in-person veterinary services can be iffy, depending on your schedule and open appointments aligning. Pawp ensures consistent contact with pet professionals without needing to wait for an appointment, and you won’t need to transport your pet to another location. Keep your pet where they’re comfortable and talk to a vet online.

If the service sounds like it can help you and your pet have a long, healthy companionship, visit Pawp to start enjoying this great pet insurance alternative.

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