14 Reasons Your Dog Is The Best Valentine’s Day Date

Forget the hassle of dressing up and squeezing into crowded venues this Valentine’s Day. Spend a relaxing night at home. After all, the best Valentine date you could ask for is already there waiting. That’s right: we’re talking about your dog! And your pup has the perfect evening planned for the two of you. How does a night curled up on the couch with your furry bestie sound? You bring the snacks, and they’ll bring the tail wags!

Yep, your pup thought you might like that idea! And because your dog knows you best, let’s celebrate your special bond and count the reasons your dog makes the best Valentine’s Day date ever!

14 Reasons Your Dog Is The Best Valentine’s Day Date

#1 – Dogs are the cutest Valentine’s dates anyone could ask for.

When it comes to cute, your pup has it covered to a level no one can match. So, if you’re looking for the most adorable date to be found, look no further than your dog’s favorite spot on the couch!

#2 – Dogs let you choose what to watch, even if it’s sappy and makes you cry!

We all have those guilty pleasure movies we don’t want to admit to loving, but you can watch that corny favorite four times in a row, and your furry best friend won’t mind at all. If anything, your pup will be happy for the marathon as it means couch cuddles all night long.

#3 – Dogs are the best kissers and the best at surprising you with them, too!

Admit it, when your dog catches you in the face with a big wet kiss, you can’t help giggling with glee! Make sure your pup’s breath is fresh for those surprise kisses with iHeartDogs Brushy Sticks Dental Treats For Dogs.

#4 – Dogs like every gift you give them.

There’s no pressure to get just the right gift when you give your Valentine’s love to a pup! Just because it comes from you, your dog is guaranteed to love any surprise you bring them. Give your furry sweetheart a Love Snuggle Buddy Plush Pillow Toy and make their day.

#5 – Dogs don’t mind if you get comfy for date night.

Forget heels and tight clothes! When your dog is your Valentine’s Day date, you can forgo the fuss. Your dog finds you pawsitively fetching in your slippers and comfy pants because it means a snuggly night in is ahead!

Get matchy for date night with your pup with our Comfy Cozy Always Kiss the Dog Goodnight Lounge Pant while your dog snuggles in their very own Always Kiss the Dog Goodnight Flannel/ Sherpa Blanket!

#6 – Dogs may want your Valentine’s snacks, but you don’t have to share them!

Chocolate is not good for dogs, so that means you don’t have to share the candy. But while you’re indulging your sweet tooth, treat your dog to any of these tasty iHeartDogs Healthy Treats and Chews

#7 – Dogs don’t drink all the wine.

In fact, dogs don’t do wine at all. This means it’s all for you! Talk about a Happy Valentine’s!

#8 – Dogs won’t give you cheap chocolate or flowers that will fade.

If your dog could buy you a gift, it would be the most lavish item you could have ever dreamed of, and that’s because dogs love with their whole hearts and aim to please you in every way. While dogs can’t shop, just know they’d buy the best gift ever, but since you’ve got the credit card, treat yourself to a Customizable Beaded Bracelet that celebrates your dog love!

If you’re planning on surprising someone special with flowers this Valentine’s Day, keep in mind, there are certain flowers that are toxic to cats and dogs. To keep furry ones safe, be sure to avoid these common flowers used in arrangements: lilies, tulips, daffodils, peonies, chrysanthemums, and hyacinths. 

#9 – Dogs don’t make you have uncomfortable conversations about the status of your relationship.

With your dog, you always know where you stand. Those big, shining eyes and wagging tail tell you everything you need to know. When your dog is your date this Valentine’s Day, you won’t be having any awkward conversations about feelings.

#10 – Dogs believe silence is golden when you need a quiet night.

Dogs know that actions speak louder than words, so your pup won’t mind spending Valentine’s night in comfortable silence at your side after a ruff day. Sounds like a doggone great date when you just need to unwind!

#11 – Dogs don’t argue. Well, not too much anyway. 

It’s adorable when dogs talk back because it’s all cute borks and silly little hops. But dogs don’t want to fight; they just want to snuggle all night, making them the ideal Valentine’s date! 

#12 – Dogs don’t mind Valentine’s Day selfies.

To celebrate your buddy date with your furry bestie, take lots of cute snaps and show off the love! And once you’ve captured the perfect pic, grab a Path To My Heart Picture Frame to display it!

#13 – Dogs make the best snuggle buddies on a cold February night.

The chill of a winter evening is no match for a furry pup with a cuddling agenda. When your dog is your Valentine’s date, you’ll be warm all night, thanks to your best friend’s snuggle powers!

#14 – Dogs love you unconditionally!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a regular day, your dog always loves you. And that love is furever! For the dog that means everything to your heart, capture their cuteness with Custom Pet Metal Wall Art.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your furry love!

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