21 Social Media Posts About The Sweethearts That Are Cats & Dogs

With Valentine’s Day falling this week, we’re feeling the love. And our hearts, like yours, belong to the furry ones! While every day with cats and dogs is a lovefest, this time of the year gives us an even bigger excuse to fawn all over them. And why wouldn’t we? After all, cats and dogs are our best friends, soul mates, the ones that keep us going, and so much more. It’s no wonder we want to tell everyone how much we love them!

And social media provides the purrfect place to share the magic of cats and dogs. So, in this season of love, let’s celebrate those that purr and wag with this week’s sweetest posts about cats and dogs. And to sweeten the pot a bit more, there’s a little funny sprinkled in, too!

21 Sugary Sweet Social Media Posts About Cats & Dogs

#1 – An Owl Kitty’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

#2 – Look at these little cupids of love and fluff!

@cocothemaltesedog Send this to someone for Valentine’s day #fyp #dog #valentinesday ♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

#3 – True romance.

#4 – Always and furever!

#5 – The purrfect Valentine’s date!

#6 – Careful, you’re about to get smitten with this tiny prancer!

@tinypawsrescues Tiny Paws Rescue Noah.. look at him prance away.. confidence boosted. first WK he hid under his bed #tinypawsrescue #getit #yorkie#dogsofttiktok ♬ original sound – Johnny Sibilly

#7 – Yep.

#8 – Guess who’s in love!

#9 – The doctor recommends cat kisses at least 3 times daily.

#10 – The doggone cutest Valentine’s date!

#11 – A Valentine rhyme from the kitty!

#12 – Here’s a new genre of art to get passionate about!

#13 – Pumpkin reminds us why we love cats so much!

@pumpkinthefloofball Does your cat do any of these? #cat#cats#catsoftiktok#cattok#cattiktok#gingercat#gingercatsoftiktok#petsoftiktok#foryoupage#fypシ ♬ Che La Luna – Louis Prima

#14 – Judgment is just one way dogs show their love. They learned it by watching cats.

#15 – Who doesn’t adore a kitty princess?

@sky_super_cat #lukeskywalkercat ♬ Originalton –

#16 – Is there anything better than the love of a dog?

#17 – Despite the barfy times, there’s not much better than being loved by a cat either!

#18 – Speaking of barfing…

#19 – Teddy is zooted, and we love him for it!

@teddywiththumbs Teddy’s a fiend #fyp #catsoftiktok #animallover #mainecoon #polydactyl ♬ The Next Episode – Instrumental – Dr. Dre

#20 – Show your pup how much you love them by way of their tummy!

@threepupperteers Who wants to be Tom’s valentine? #dogsoftiktok #fyp #puppy #recipe #valentinesday #dogtreats ♬ Riptide – Vance Joy

#21 – When your kitty tries to make you a nice meal to show you how much he loves you…

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Feature Image: @cat_pawn/Instagram

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