Abandoned Dog With 46-Lb Tumor Finally Had Heavy Burden Lifted Off His Shoulders

As if homeless dogs don’t already have it bad enough, one was abandoned at a beach in Newport, California with an extra 46 pounds of weight due to a tumor on his side.

Stray dogs that find their way onto the beach can often end up lost. However, this dog, Henry, needed to be rescued earlier than expected. AsValerie Schomburg of Newport Beach Animal Control points out, “The rescuers from NBAC are used to picking up stray dogs in poor condition, but nothing could have prepared them for what Henry looked like” She continues on to say that he needed medical attention as soon as possible.


Image Credit Source: Facebook/NBAS


Not only did he struggle to find food, but he had difficulty getting around. His right front leg was so big and hindering on him so bad because of the tumor in there that it pushed him down and gave him a hard time walking.

Henry, a rescue dog, had barely started his new life when he fell victim to poisoning. The only puppy born of the litter, Henry arrived at his adoptive foster after having contracted Parvo Chicken Pox Virus. A few months later, young Henry was diagnosed with Leukemia. Despite all of the hardships that Henry has faced in such a short period of time, he still had a zest for life. He was always smiling and wagging his tail and little Henry loved every person he met.


Image Credit Source: Facebook/NBAS


In a sad twist of irony, Tina’s son Henry needed a crowdfunding campaign started by Jamie Schomburg. Oddly enough, the tumor that caused the fundraiser wound up being cancerous. fortunately though, it did not spread to any other parts of his body.

Henry had a huge weight lifted off his shoulders-literally. After undergoing surgery for a brain tumor, Henry’s weight dropped from 200lbs to 78lbs, and he could walk almost completely normally. The tumor was removed not long ago, and luckily Henry found a loving foster family through the Newport Beach Animal shelter after going through a lot of pain.


Image Credit Source: Facebook/NBAS


After Henry relieved his story, he became a celebrity as the media picked up his story. People from all over the world sent him gifts and treats to thank him for touching their heart with his story.

The late Henry found love near the end. His time on Earth was mainly defined by pure enthusiasm for life, which he had carried with him in his tail and smile, and when Henry died peacefully in his sleep, he left his loving family to press onwards.


Image Credit Source: Facebook/NBAS

After the passing of Henry, investigators were able to find his previous owner, who was subsequently charged by the OC District Attorney’s Office and is still facing trial.

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