Baby Emu “Lost-It” When The Dog Walked Into The Room For The First Time

Molly, who is a Border Collie, and Emee the emu had never met before this video. But after they were introduced, it was love at first sight. As soon as they were placed together in their enclosure, they immediately hit it off.


Bored, Emee decided to take a walk around the house. She thought she was alone in the house until she heard footsteps. The door flung open revealing Molly. The two began to play and joke around, which led to an unexpected friendship.



Emu and a dog name Molly had their first playdate. Both seemed nervous at first, but then they became really good friends.

The emu even rolls to the floor and Molly reciprocates by leaving the room. But then the dog changes her mind and gets a case of the zoomies.

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