Beagle Who Loves The LA Dodgers Gets A VIP Day At The Park

Often, the family members who don’t want a dog end up being the most obsessed with the it. That’s what happened with a California man and the Beagle his partner adopted, Toby.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, Missa (who goes by @jalapeno.pop on the app) shared the story of her partner and her dog learning their similarities and becoming best friends. It’s, to say the least, extremely sweet.


Captions on the viral video state:

“My partner didn’t want to get a dog. They had a rough start honestly, until we realized they were basically the same soul in different bodies.”

One particular interest the two share is their love of watching Los Angeles Dodgers games. The TikTok shows different clips of Toby as a puppy watching games, and eventually starting to watch them atop his dad’s lap.


Dogs are just so good at thawing hearts. The 4.5 million people who liked @jalapeno.pop’s video agree.


Toby Earns A VIP Day

After that TikTok video of Toby and his dad watching Dodgers games together went viral, the team had to respond. Initially, they contacted Missa on TikTok and sent a special gift package for Toby, but it never arrived. So, the Dodgers came up with a better idea.

They invited the Beagle and his family to Dodger Stadium for a special VIP experience. Really, Toby was a “Very Important Pup” at the stadium that day, greeted by a giant digital rendering of his face on the jumbotron.


Toby received an exclusive tour guided by a historian and got to visit the Vin Scully Press Box, interview room, clubhouse, and weight room. The Dodgers had a special jersey made up for the dog too.


Toby also had the chance to run onto the field and meet the team’s mascot (who offered him a treat). I’d say this more than makes up for Toby’s special gift never arriving months ago!


Both The Dodgers and Missa uploaded video journeys of Toby’s VIP experience. That quickly wagging tail really says everything.

Missa expressed gratitude to the team for allowing this fan family to have such a fun day with their dog.

“Best day ever. We miss Toby already!” The Dodgers commented.


If your dog loves sports as much as Toby, I suggest you get to work on making them go viral. You might just get your dog to be your favorite team’s next Very Important Pup.


Follow @jalapenol.pop on TikTok for more updates on Toby “the baseball-loving Beagle.”

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