Blind Dog Loses It When She Catches Her Dad’s Scent

Blindness may be inconvenient, but it’s not a death sentence for a dog. Our pups are extremely adaptable creatures, and they can adjust to poor vision with the help of their high-powered noses and strong hearing.

Most importantly, losing their vision doesn’t impact a dog’s ability to live life in the moment and enjoy what they do have. A sweet video of Chapter, a blind 15-year old Cocker Spaniel, proves that happiness has nothing to do with your eyesight and everything to do with love.


Chapter Picks Up A Scent

This footage was captured by Chapter’s dad as he arrives at a park to meet his dog. Unable to see him from afar, she doesn’t yet put the pieces together that dad is here.

The camera approaches the dog from a ways away. The spaniel is on a leash beside another person, panting and enjoying the outdoor scents and sounds.


When the cameraman gets close enough to the dog, the pup takes a big sniff. Suddenly, it registers.

Instantly Chapter explodes into what can only be described as pure joy. She bounds around and runs in gleeful circles. Her expression and body movements say everything.


“Yes it’s me, it’s me!” her dad exclaims, laughing at his ecstatic dog. But it’s plenty clear Chapter has already figured out who she smelled.

So, anyone who thinks blind dogs are unhappy or “should be put out of their misery” really needs to see this video.


Watch the entire video of Chapter’s realization and reaction below.

The Power Of A Dog’s Nose

As humans, we can’t even comprehend the strength of a dog’s nose. Depending on the breed, a dog’s sense of smell typically ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than ours.

Dogs can pick up scents from far distances and even distinguish very particular smells amongst a host of distractions. Blind Chapter was at a crowded park, but she knew dad’s smell.


Doing nose work with your senior dog can help them cope with the consequences of blindness or blurry vision. It keeps them mentally stimulated regardless of their ability to see. There are also “halos” and other devices that help blind dogs navigate indoors safely.

Learn more about how to make life a little easier for your blind dog here. Know that blindness doesn’t mean unhappiness for your dog! I mean, does Chapter look at all unhappy to you?

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