Boston Terrier Stolen On Christmas Miraculously Returns During Interview

Danny Thomason was on his way to a Christmas dinner when his worst fear happened. The Texas resident stopped at a gas station on Christmas Day with his Boston Terrier named Yogi. When Thomason stepped inside to pay for gas, he briefly left Yogi in the car with the windows cracked. But within a few minutes, Yogi was stolen.

The magical holiday quickly turned into a nightmare for Thomason. He never made it to his Christmas dinner, and instead, he kept wondering where Yogi was and if he was safe. Luckily, a few days later, he was reminded that miracles do happen.

Boston Terrier Close-up

Stolen on Christmas

Thomason is retired and lives alone, so he and Yogi are inseparable. Yogi joined the family five years ago when he was a puppy, and it was like love at first sight. Losing Yogi was just as heartbreaking as losing any other family member for Thomason.

“It was just me and him. We go everywhere together take trips together, so it’s just like losing your child,” Thomason said.

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It was Christmas morning when Yogi went missing. Thomason was devastated and had no idea what to do without his furry friend. The manager at the gas station showed Thomason the security footage of the incident. Thomason explained that the video showed a man getting out of a truck, taking Yogi, and putting the pup in his vehicle before driving away.

Thomason filed a police report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as quickly as possible, but Yogi didn’t return in time for Christmas with his family.

Lost Boston Terrier Returns Home

It’s a Miracle!

Two days after the tragic situation, a news channel interviewed Thomason. Thomason got a call from the sheriff’s office during the interview, saying the undercover deputies found Yogi. It was perfect timing!

“You can just imagine getting your child back after being kidnapped. It’s just the greatest gift,” Thomason said.

Boston Terrier News Interview

Now, Thomason is making up for lost time with Yogi. He has been taking him to visit all the family members who helped search for him. Thomason was also able to thank the deputies who helped locate the pup. The undercover deputies had been led to a home where Yogi was seen, and they later recovered him at a different location.

Charges for Yogi’s kidnapping will be filed soon. Thomason will be extra careful with his pup from now on to ensure that they’re never separated like that again. Pet theft is more common than people realize, so it’s important to be extra cautious with your dog in public.

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