Children Hear Dog Noises Coming From Dumpster, Former Police Officer Arrested

One day in early February 2022, a man got out of a Mercedes SUV in front of a Jacksonville apartment complex, taking a dog out with him. He then put the dog in the building’s dumpster and drove away.

Fortunately, some children passing by the dumpster later heard the dog inside. They alerted their parents, who were able to get her out before trash pickup. This lucky dog survived a potentially deadly abandonment.


Tracking Down A Suspect

If The Landings at Parkview’s surveillance camera hadn’t captured this appalling event, the man responsible might have gotten away with it. This footage, supported by IDs from neighbors and his social media profile, helped police track down the suspect two weeks after he abandoned the dog in the trash.

That man was identified as retired U.S. Army staff sergeant and former Department of Defense police officer Maurice Bates. Bates now faces a felony charge of animal cruelty.


Bates’ wife told police after the fact that a relative gave her and her husband a sickly dog. Her husband, she said, told her he took the dog “to the pound.” Instead, he threw her in the dumpster 24 miles away from his home.

The property manager of The Landings at Parkview, Kathryn Dennis, said she’s grateful the building’s security camera captured this man’s actions. The footage, she said, played a huge role in apprehending Bates.

“At least some justice will be done for the dog. I mean, she didn’t deserve what she got. So at least it’s been recognized.”


Bates will be represented by a public defender in court. Hopefully, justice will be done.

“Little Mamas” The Survivor

People who work at The Landings at Parkview named the dumpster dog “Little Mamas.” She’s now safe in a new home. Despite what happened to her, other people clearly recognize her worth. “Little Mamas” is estimated to be around 6-years-old.


A veterinarian determined that the dog did have cancer, but that it hadn’t spread and was still treatable. The owner of the Jacksonville apartment complex has vowed to pay for Little Mamas’ treatment.

Abandoning an animal is cruel. Before you leave an animal to a fate like this, learn about your options for financing medical treatments or re-homing your dog. Fortunately for Little Mamas, she’s going to get the treatment she needs that may just save her life.

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