College Basketball Star And Rescue Dog Have An Unbelievable Bond

Most dog lovers have an unbreakable bond with their furry friends. But a college student known as Dora Goles takes that to a whole new level with her dog named Laura. The Idaho State University basketball star adopted Laura near the start of the pandemic, and their friendship has blossomed more than Goles could’ve ever imagined.

The duo is inseparable, and Goles is heartbroken whenever she has to travel without her best friend. Laura assists her in her daily life so much that Goles is now training the pup to be a service and therapy dog.

Basketball player and rescue dog

Life’s Better with a Dog

When Goles decided to adopt a dog in May 2020, she took her time while searching for the perfect fit. Of course, she liked every dog, but when Laura ran to her and sat in between her legs, it was love at first sight. She even kept the puppy’s name since it rhymed with her own.

“[She] even peed a little bit from excitement. I was like, oh my goodness, I’m adopting her,” said Goles. “It’s obviously fate — Dora and Laura.”

College student and rescue puppy

It didn’t take long for the pair to become inseparable. When the Bengals (Goles’ basketball team) practice, Laura relaxes in a cozy bed in the locker room. Basketball is extremely important to Goles, so whenever she’d have a bad game, she’d go home and sulk. But now, with Laura, Goles has a more positive outlook during competitions. She knows that it’s just a game, and she’s there to have fun.

Laura has made Goles’ life better in so many ways, such as getting her outside more and knowing how to comfort her when she’s stressed. Laura serves as an emotional support dog, but friends joke that Goles is also the pup’s emotional support human.

Rescue dog wearing jersey

Struggling with Time Apart

When Goles is home, she spends almost every second with her furry friend. She will even avoid hanging out at friends’ places if her dog isn’t allowed. However, there are times when Goles has to go on road trips with the Bengals, and she can’t take Laura with her.

But time apart became less stressful when Goles met a teenager named Grace, a huge fan of hers. Goles gave Grace lots of basketball advice, and the two bonded over their similar goals. So, Goles now trusts Grace and her mom to watch Laura whenever the team is out of town. Yet, Goles didn’t spare any details when sharing Laura’s care instructions.

Basketball player hugging dog

“It was detailed down to how many treats she could have,” said Katie Mickelson, Grace’s mom. “Very much like a new mom with her baby, the checklist for the first time you leave her with a babysitter.”

Now, Laura seems to look forward to the time she spends with Grace and Katie, but of course, she’s always overjoyed when Goles picks her up again. Goles and Laura have both developed a unique yet heartwarming relationship with the Mickelsons.

College graduate cuddling dog

A Dynamic Duo

The more time Goles spends with Laura, the more she realizes that the pup is more than your average dog. Laura is excellent at comforting people who feel anxious. If she sees someone shaking or bouncing their leg, she’ll put her paw on them to help them relax.

Since Laura helps Goles so much with her anxiety, Goles is getting her trained as a service dog. She also wants the pup to become a certified therapy dog so she can help other people too.

Student and dog on basketball court

“Sometimes you have a relationship with someone and it’s enough, and it brings you a lot of peace,” teammate Diaba Konate said. “Laura is that thing, that person for Dora.”

Someone who doesn’t have pets might not understand, but dogs make our lives better. Laura helps her human in more ways than she can explain, and Goles’ life has become so much better as a result. If you have a dog like Laura in your life, make sure you keep reminding them of how special and loved they are.

Girl hugging rescue dog

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