Couple Laughed At Pup’s Hilarious Quirk Until They Read About This Symptom Online

Does your dog have a weird habit that you just can’t explain with logic? Then you might relate to the hilarious quirk a dog named Leo from the Netherlands exhibits.

While crate-training their newly adopted dog, Leo’s parents noticed something. The pup would sleep with his nose pressed up against the side of the crate.


Leo squished his snout up against doors, tables, and walls, so they started to wonder if maybe this unusual behavior was a sign of brain damage or some other physiological condition.

Cute Habit Or Indication Of Neurological Disease?

Obviously, when Leo pushes his snoot into something, it’s extremely cute and silly. Christine Holierhoek told SWNS:

“My boyfriend and I just couldn’t stop laughing when we saw him do it. I think he just loves the attention.”


Since seeing this unnatural expression worried them a bit, Leo’s parents decided to take him to the vet to make sure it wasn’t a symptom of anything. Ultimately, they spent hundreds on vet bills to learn their dog is a weirdo.

“After reading some articles about it, I got worried because it is also a sign of bad health, so we took a visit to the vet. A couple hundred euros later, the vet told us that we just have a silly and healthy goofball that just likes to press his nose against things. He is as healthy as a horse.”


This nose-to-surface thing is just natural for Leo. He also presses his snout when he wants something, like into the door when he wants to go outside.

Because Leo does this so often, it makes for entertaining content on the TikTok account he shares with his two Bengal cat siblings, Mowgli and Bagheera. Holierhoek shared:

“I found out that lots of people really liked Leo, also because of his enchanting eyes. But then, after posting videos of Leo pressing his nose against things, my TikTok account started growing. Leo has a lot of fans now!”

Finding Leo

A dog like Leo with a goofy, entertaining personality was just the right companion for Holierhoek. She told People:

“I was at a very low point in my life, and I thought that a dog would force me to go outside again. I look inside the barn, and I just saw two blue eyes looking at me, and he immediately ran towards me and jumped up.”


Typically, new adopters can just sense when they’ve found the right pup. That’s what happened with this family too.

“Leo was the first puppy that jumped up to me, and I just knew that I had to take him home. His personality was and still is super sweet, not afraid of anything, confident and goofy.”

Leo’s antics bring joy to people around the world now through his popular TikTok account. Follow @bengalsmowglibagheera to see more silly photos and videos of a dog pressing his nose on things.

H/T: People
Featured Image: TikTok

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