Dog May Be Euthanized For Biting Off The Toe Of Man Who Kicked Him

In the case of a human being, you might call what Buma the Staffordshire Bull Terrier did a form of self-defense. Buma, however, is now at risk of being euthanized for attacking and injuring a person who acted aggressively towards him first.

The dog was staying with a couple, Daniela and Mike, in Berlin, Germany for a month. A friend of his sitters, referred to publicly only as Steve S., also came to stay at the apartment over the holidays. This proved to be an unfortunate combination of house guests.

A Toe For A Kick

On Monday, December 27, 2021, relations between Buma and Steve turned particularly sour. It started when the dog begged for some of Steve’s pizza, something the human didn’t stand for.

When Steve tried to grab Buma and pull him away, the dog reflexively turned and bit him in the face. After he looked at his reflection and reportedly saw blood, Steve became angry.

Buma had been put out on the balcony to separate them, but Steve went out there anyway. He then kicked Buma with his shoe-less foot. Big mistake.

The 7-year-old Staffy bit off Steve’s big toe and swallowed it. Steve was rushed to the hospital for surgery. It took all day for Daniela to clean the blood from the apartment.

A spokesperson for the hospital told German newspaper Bild:

The toe could not be found. The bone was amputated and sewn shut.”

Who’s To Blame?

Though this was a horrible accident, Daniela puts a lot of the blame on Steve for approaching a dog this way. Buma was already away from home, a known stressor. She said:

“I think it’s Steve’s own fault. Buma is an animal that needs to be cuddled. The policemen who came then played with him. He’s not aggressive.”

Bild also cited an anonymous neighbor of Daniela and Mike’s who indicated, “[i]t’s your own fault, you don’t kick a dog.” Sadly, this complicated situation only adds fuel to the fire of people who call Buma’s breed “dangerous.”

Steve may have lost his big toe, but Buma’s punishment could ultimately be the loss of his life. Police seized Buma after the accident, and an official assessment by a veterinarian was set for January 4, 2022.

There may also be trouble for Buma’s official owner, whom the law indicates should not have let his dog stay with Daniela and Mike in the first place. A petition was created in the hopes of finding a new, more qualified and responsible owner for Buma.

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