Dog Sees Newborn Baby For First Time, Plunges His Mouth Into The Baby Carrier

Many people be concerned that having dogs around babies may be a hazardous notion. However, one family posted a video of their dog’s reaction to their newborn baby, and it is bringing tears to everyone’s eyes!


The parents present Dude with his newborn sister, Savannah. The dog’s eyes light up as he sees the infant, and he instinctively leans in to kiss her gently on the forehead!


Dude grins and lets out a loud scream of joy as he embraces Savannah. The big fluffy boy is totally smitten with Savannah, continuing to look at her with his enormous puppy eyes.

The parents had no idea that Dude would react so strongly to the news! Based on what I’m seeing, Savannah will have a wonderful childhood with her protective big brother. We can’t wait to see how Dude and Savannah’s friendship develops!

Be sure to WATCH this adorable video below. Pass it onto a friend or family member!

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