Dog Walker Comes Across Gentle Pit Bull Tied To A Tree With A Note Attached

When Eric Maus was walking in Prospect Park with a couple of clients, Gouda and Lily, he came across the saddest sight. Next to the tree in the park, there was a Pit Bull tied up with a note attached to the chain around its neck.


Image/Story Source Credit: Eric Haus / TheDodo


“Take me home. I’m a great dog. I’m 7 years old. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m sweet.”

When Eric approached two other dogs, the Pit Bull was the definition of gentle and friendly.


Image/Story Source Credit: Eric Haus / TheDodo


When the dog walker found Mamas, he knew she couldn’t stay in Prospect Park by herself.

Within minutes of posting a plea for help on a neighborhood Facebook page, Eric had responses. One person offered to meet Mamas by the tree and rescue them from the outside of the park. The local animal shelter system had an available kennel for Mamas. The dog was taken to the Sean Casey Animal Rescue.


Image/Story Source Credit: Eric Haus / TheDodo


They walked out of the park together, but Mamas had to take it slowly. Due to her size and a possible bladder infection, the dog couldn’t walk at a normal pace. She was then loaded up to head to the rescue, and it was there that her hesitancy went away completely!

Mamas was so ready to move on to a new chapter in life and jumped right out of the car to proceed into the shelter! It’s as if she knew she was finally safe.


Image/Story Source Credit: Eric Haus / TheDodo


Mamas needs to stay through the required stray hold and receive a clean bill of health, but then she’ll be put up for adoption to get her forever home!


Image/Story Source Credit: Eric Haus / TheDodo


In the meantime, Mamas is happy to be out of the park and surrounded by people who love and care for her. Eric knows whoever adopts this sweet girl will be very lucky to have her!


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