Dogs Can Do Anything. Maybe Even Help Win You $1,000!

Do you and your dog have identical expressions? Ever hear you and your dog look like you belong together? Then you need to prepare your entry for the Shane Co. Pet Doppelganger Contest right away!

The contest is only open for submissions until December 17, 2021, so hurry and get your picture submitted for a chance to win $1000. That’s right; you can score a grand just for looking like your pet. Whether your best friend is dog or cat, finned or scaled, hairless or long-haired, snap a pic of the two of you for your chance at twin glory! Are you interested in entering? Check out how to get in on the fun below.

Photo: Shane Co.

How To Enter the Pet Doppelganger Contest

While the Shane Co. is known for its fine jewelry, they know pawrents feel one of the greatest treasures in life is their pets. And because cats, dogs, and all manner of other animals have stolen our hearts, they want to reward you and your best buddy for looking alike.

To enter the Pet Doppelgänger Contest, simply follow this link to the Shane Co.’s blog and comment on the blog post with a side-by-side picture of yourself and your twin furry friend. Include your name, birth date, and email address.

The Shane Co. asks that you adhere to these requirements for successful entry:

  • A side-by-side picture of you and your pet.
  • Graphic content will not be tolerated.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to apply.

Check out Shane Co.’s blog post for more information on contest terms and conditions.


It’s Not Unusual for Pet & Parent to Favor Each Other

Psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima has studied the resemblance between dogs and their people, with his findings offering plenty of evidence to support the idea that pets and parents can look alike. But why is this?

As Nakajima reported to The Huffington Post, the “mere exposure effect” could play a big part in the adoption of animals, meaning people might choose a dog because of perceived facial similarities between person and animal.


Does your dog wear the same silly grin as you? Do you and your cat have the same eyes? It could very well be these similarities that drew you to your pet in the first place. Now, put those adorable twinsie looks up for all to see by entering the Pet Doppelganger Contest for your chance at $1,000. That’s a lot of matching outfits for you and your buddy!

The deadline for contest submissions is Friday, December 17, 2021. The deadline for voting is December 17, 2021. Winners will be notified on January 3, 2022.

Good luck to all the purrfect pairs out there!


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