Firefighters Brave Freezing Waters To Save Dog Who Fell Through Ice

A Border Collie known as Tux thought winter activities were all fun and games until he faced a near-death experience. The pup was playing on a frozen pond near his home, but the ice was thinner than he thought. The surface beneath him cracked, causing his foot to get trapped in the ice. He could barely even move.

Luckily, frigid waters didn’t intimidate his rescuers. When a fire crew arrived at the scene, they instantly put his rescue above everything. They braved the freezing pond to make sure this pup ended up in a warm home again. But saving Tux was no easy task!

Fire truck at dog rescue mission

An Icy Situation

Both of Tux’s back legs got trapped in the broken ice on a pond in Carroll, New York. If the ice had continued to crack around him, he might not have survived the cold water beneath him. But luckily, the Frewsburg Fire Company responded to the scene.

“At 7:47 am we were dispatched to a report of a dog that had partially fallen through the ice on a pond,” Frewsburg Fire Company wrote on Facebook.

The ice was thin enough for crew members to break through as they walked out to the stranded dog. They wore thick yellow gear to protect them from the low temperatures. All the firefighters had cables attached to their bodies as an added safety measure. Once Tux saw people coming to his rescue, he sprung to life and wiggled enough to free himself from the ice.

Firefighters rescuing dog from ice

“He saw them and got excited,” firefighter Nick Niles said. “He was able to crawl out to them. The ice was very thin and then they were able to get him.”

Returning to a Warm Home

Tux’s family was anxiously awaiting his safe return. It’s unclear how Tux escaped his home and got onto the icy pond, but his humans are relieved that he made it out alive.

The firefighters carried Tux to the shore with ease. A picture posted by the fire department shows two brave humans facing uncomfortable conditions while one holds the medium-sized dog in his arms. Once on land, his rescuers dried him off and kept him in the fire engine to warm up.

Firefighters save dog from icy waters

“Crews were quick to respond and were able to safely rescue the family pet. The owners report he is warm and back to his normal self. Job well done by everyone involved!!” wrote Frewsburg Fire Company.

Niles said that Tux seemed overjoyed to be back with his family. After a little warming up, the pup was back to his happy, playful self. The brave firefighters deserve so much recognition for their hard work!

Featured Image: Facebook

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