‘For The Love Of Dogs’ Fans Left Heartbroken After Latest Episode

Fans of For the Love of Dogs were left feeling “heartbroken” after watching last Wednesday’s installment of the nine-season ITV series. Despite host Paul O’Grady following three other dogs during the episode, it was Stella who stole the hearts of dog lovers all across the UK.

Viewers were rushing to grab their tissue boxes as they were introduced to the abused and abandoned Staffordshire Terrier.

Paul O'Grady

“For the Love of Dogs” is an award-winning British television show hosted by comedian and long-time dog-lover Paul O’Grady. Rescue animals are the show’s stars as Paul follows the inspiring journeys of dogs that are currently living at one of the three Battersea rescue and rehoming centers located throughout England. 

Paul O'Grady

Dogs from all kinds of circumstances and with all types of health conditions are featured in the sometimes highly emotional episodes, as all of them wait to find their forever homes. Not all endings are happy or without heartbreak, and Paul often features animals that are most difficult to rehome.

“At Battersea, their vision is that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are treated with love, care and respect.”


In last Wednesday’s emotional episode, Paul introduced the audience to sweet Stella the Staffordshire Terrier. This beautiful baby girl was brought to Battersea after she was found walking the streets all alone. Not only was this she heartlessly abandoned, but she was found with multiple mounting health concerns, including a tumor on her belly and extreme anxiety she soothes with excessive chewing. 

“She clearly hasn’t had a decent meal for some time. Look at the state of her, she’s so thin,” says Paul during the episode.

Because of being abandoned and abused, poor Stella suffered from such stress and anxiety that she was using obsessive tennis ball chewing and “resource guarding” to cope. 


Resource guarding is when a dog shows aggressive behaviors, such as growling, lunging, or biting, over food or toys. It’s also called “possessive aggression,” and the behavior should be acknowledged early before it becomes too problematic. This behavioral issue can occur in any breed as it is a valuable instinct for feral dogs. 


After Stella’s episode, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts. According to their tweets, many users were taken aback by Stella’s harrowing story and found themselves shedding tears and feeling heartbroken.

Was Stella able to overcome her resource aggression? Was Paul able to help her get adopted into a new, loving home? You can catch the latest episode on ITV.

Catch up with Paul and the Battersea team in a brand new episode of #POGDOGS as they try to help the lovely Stella learn to share her things. Tune in tonight at 8 pm on @ITV 💙🐶 pic.twitter.com/Qa0y4T8Z8Z

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