Golden Retriever Basically Treats The Vet’s Office As If It’s The Playground

Going to the veterinarian is never a pleasant experience, and visiting the vet for a dog is no different. No one wants to be poked or prodded while waiting for potentially terrible news, but it must be done for our health’s sake. While most dogs attempt to flee when brought to the veterinarian’s clinic, there is one particular dog that loves it!


Image source: YouTube Rumble

This gleeful Golden Retriever loves to play in the veterinarian’s office, and it’s amusing to watch! Every time she bursts through the door with her leash in her mouth, it says everything. She’ll bust through the door with her leash in her mouth ready to welcome everyone inside!


Image source: YouTube Rumble


The Golden Retriever performs laps throughout the office building, just as any other dog would in a dog park. She’s genuinely pleased to be there, and nothing will change that! If only it were this simple to get my dog to the doctor.

Be sure to WATCH this adorable video below:


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