Golden Retriever Walks 62 Miles In 2 Weeks To Reunite With Family

Some dogs will do anything to be reunited with their loved ones after a long time apart. It can be difficult to understand when their humans leave without them, which is what causes many dogs to go on crazy adventures.

A sweet Golden Retriever named Ping An didn’t know her time away from her family in China was temporary. So, she planned her own expedition to reunite with them. But little did she know, her family was 62 miles away, which ended up being much farther than the pup anticipated. Thanks to the help of kind citizens, she was eventually able to make her way home.

Golden Retriever outside
Image: Screenshot, Daily News YouTube

Temporary Housing Gone Wrong

Ping An’s family decided to let the dog stay at a friend’s house while they remodeled their own home. After all, they knew the renovations would be long, loud, and scary for poor little Ping An. So, they drove 62 miles away and dropped off the 1-year-old Golden Retriever at her temporary home.

While Ping An’s temporary caretakers were likely very kind to her, she knew something wasn’t right. She wasn’t comfortable being away from her family for so long, so she decided to take matters into her own paws. After four months of staying with her family’s friends, she took off and headed straight toward her real home. The only problem was that it would take her at least two weeks to get there by foot.

Suddenly, Ping An was gone without a trace, leaving both families terrified. They worried about Ping An and continuously searched for her. But little did they know, the pup was even smarter than they thought.

Lost Golden Retriever
Image: Screenshot, Daily News YouTube

Ping An’s Journey Home

For weeks, the families had no idea where Ping An was. But as it turns out, she was headed in the right direction. After two weeks of walking, she was in rough shape, but she was also close to home. She might’ve even made it there on her own if some kind strangers hadn’t stopped to help her out.

Ping An was found limping outside of an office building, where she was fed some scraps. Employees at the building could tell something was wrong because the dog was friendly, but very skinny and covered in open wounds. They took her in and tended to her injuries. Then, they posted photos of her on social media in hopes of finding her family.

Before long, her family reached out, and they were reunited. They promised to always keep her with them from now on to keep her happy and safe.

Golden Retriever being pet
Image: Screenshot, Daily News YouTube

“Ping An, you’ve worked hard. You just stay home from now on. [We] would never send you away,” one of her family members said.

Ping An even means “safe and sound” in Mandarin Chinese, which is exactly how she feels now that she’s home. Her family learned that while changes can be scary for a dog, nothing is scarier than being away from loved ones.

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Featured Image: Screenshot, Daily News YouTube

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