Heroic Labrador Saves Fellow Canine From Icy Sinkhole

A Labrador Retriever named Wrigley has no idea he’s a hero, but his actions might’ve saved another dog’s life. Macy the Golden Retriever disappeared during a walk near the park. Her humans feared that someone had stolen her, and they spent 24 hours trying to locate her.

But as it turns out, Macy wasn’t stolen at all. She was trapped in an unlikely location that most humans couldn’t spot. Luckily, Wrigley’s curiosity ended up being the detective work Macy’s family needed. A series of unexpected actions helped Macy get home safe and sound, and her humans will forever be grateful to Wrigley.

Golden Retriever outside

A Sudden Disappearance

Tom Price took Macy for a walk in Streator, Illinois. Macy never wants to leave the park after a walk, so he expected her to be reluctant as they approached his car. But when Tom wasn’t looking, Macy disappeared. He had no idea how the 11-year-old dog could’ve gotten away so quickly, so he worried that she’d been kidnapped.

“Tom had seen a car go through the park while he was sitting there that looked like my vehicle and thought maybe she had ran after the car and that someone took her, because there was not enough time for her to disappear,” said Tom’s wife, Liz.

Golden Retriever rescued from sinkhole

After searching every area nearby, Tom felt hopeless. He contacted Streator Animal Control and notified them of Macy’s vanishing act. Animal control posted an alert on Facebook, but Tom and Liz had to spend the night not knowing where their senior dog was.

The next day, Wrigley was sniffing around Marilla Park with his human. That’s when the pup noticed something unusual.

Hero Labrador with Human

Wrigley Saves the Day!

Wrigley sensed a dog nearby, and his nose led him to a five-foot sinkhole in the snow. When he spotted Macy trapped at the bottom, he barked to alert his human. Shortly after, firefighters and Macy’s family arrived at the scene.

“Wrigley very easily also could have fallen into the sinkhole but luckily everything worked out!” wrote Streator Animal Control.

Icy sinkhole

Someone recorded a video of fire chief Fred McClellan helping pull Macy out of the hole. He was able to climb down a ladder, attach a rope harness to her, and pull her up. McClellan’s foot fell into the sinkhole during the process, but he and Macy soon made it to safety.

Despite spending the night in an icy sinkhole, Macy ended up being fine following a vet checkup. Officials are now warning others to avoid Marilla Park until further notice to prevent another accident from happening.

Watch the Incredible Rescue Here:

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