HGTV Star Christina Haack Discovers Fiancé’s Beloved Dog Has Cancer

When a dog becomes terminally ill, it can be easy to wallow in sadness and dread their death. However, the upsetting news doesn’t have to be all bad. Finding out a dog is sick could also motivate their humans to give the pup the healthiest, happiest life from then on.

HGTV star Christina Haack and her fiancé Josh Hall recently shared heartbreaking news about their dog named Stella. Stella has cancer, but the couple refuses to accept defeat. They will do everything they can to make sure their beloved dog lives the remainder of her life to the fullest.

Christina Haack, Fiance, and Dog

Heartbreaking News

The realtor couple first announced their engagement in September 2021. Before they got together, Stella was Hall’s dog, but Haack quickly fell in love with the gentle giant, so she treats her like her own.

In early 2022, Haack and Hall received the heartbreaking news that Stella has cancer. They waited a few weeks before sharing the discovery on social media. But when they did, they tried not to focus on the sad parts. Instead, they talked about how they could make the situation better.

Christina Haack, Josh Hall, Dog

“Seven weeks ago, we found out our sweet Stella has cancer. Early prognosis said she could leave us as early as 60-90 days,” Haack wrote on Instagram.

Haack has three children, but Hall has no human kids of his own. Instead, Stella is his child, and he’s dedicated to giving her the best life possible. So, the couple has been taking her on exciting adventures and giving her a healthier lifestyle.

Realtor couple with dog

Focusing on the Positives

Haack said that she and Hall have been researching and making changes in Stella’s routine to hopefully extend her life. They believe they can help her get a few extra years with proper care.

“Of course, we have been spoiling her extra. We did a ton of research and we put her on a special diet. Josh spends hours a week and a ton of dishes to prep her meals and add her multiple supplements,” Haack wrote. “Josh didn’t have kids of his own, and Stella is his baby. I’m happy to share, since the new meal plan / PSP mushroom + omega supplements she looks healthier than ever. Praying we get many many more years.”

Christina Haack Cuddling Dog on Boat

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After seeing Haack’s post, several fans commented with tips and stories about their dogs with cancer. One follower said their dog was expected to live a year after being diagnosed with cancer, but after consulting a canine nutritionist, the dog lived for six more years!

No matter how much time Stella has left in this world, Haack and Hall are going to make the most of it. They want to ensure that the remainder of her life is amazing, so she’ll be extra spoiled from now on.

Josh Hall Boating with Dog

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