Home Security Camera Captures UPS Driver Throwing Heavy Package Onto Dog

The complicated relationship between delivery drivers and the dogs on their routes is as old as time. Usually, it’s the delivery person worried about being chased by a dog defending its territory. This story is about a delivery driver victimizing a dog.

A dog parent from Miami happens to have surveillance cameras trained on her driveway and front gate. On February 23, 2022, the cameras captured a UPS delivery driver dropping a large box directly onto the woman’s German Shepherd.

Screenshot via Fox13

Surveillance Footage Doesn’t Lie

The video shows the dog barking and jumping near the gate where the UPS worker stands with the box. The driver then throws the box over the fence, where it lands fully on top of the dog.

The package contained a wheelchair, meaning it was a pretty heavy box. Typically, the woman said, heavy packages are leaned against her gate.

Screenshot via Fox13

Fortunately, the woman said, her German Shepherd is okay, but seeing that on film really hurt her. Regarding the possibility the throw was accidental, the homeowner said:

He saw that the dog was there, and he decided that he was still going to throw it, which you could see in the video he clearly saw what he was doing.”

After seeing the package land on her dog, she went outside, where the UPS driver failed to even acknowledge the throw.

“I would have appreciated him apologizing once he did see me come outside, and that’s what I think has me a little bit more upset, that he didn’t have a heart to even tell me, ‘Hey, look, this fell on your dog. I apologize, I’m sorry.’”

If it weren’t for the cameras, this incident might never have even come to light.

A Response From UPS

After seeing her dog crushed by a package, the woman contacted the company. UPS officials sent a statement to WSVN, saying:

“UPS employees receive regular training on the company’s methods to safely deliver packages, and unprofessional behavior is not tolerated.”

The following day, two reps from UPS visited the woman’s home to apologize for what happened.

“They did apologize. They said that they were going to take him off the road, which again, I appreciate that, and maybe he can do something else, or maybe he can deliver smaller packages.”

Screenshot via Fox13

While the woman feels it’s unfortunate that this driver’s job is on the line, she hopes the incident will be educational.

“I really do appreciate what [delivery drivers] do on a day-to-day basis, but again, common sense. It’s literally just common sense and having compassion for an animal, which he did not have.”

Take a look at the footage and see what you think.

Another thing to think about is how home security cameras can help identify incidences of animal abuse.

“I almost feel it’s embarrassing that we have to have this conversation, especially nowadays. Everything is recorded, so people should really, like, pay attention to what they’re doing.”

According to the news, UPS is still investigating the incident.

H/T and Featured Image: Fox 13

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