House Sitter Tries To Poison Barking Dog With Chocolate-Covered Mothballs

Excessive dog barking can be frustrating at times, but it’s nothing a little training can’t fix. Yet, one woman in Connecticut decided that the only way to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking was to poison him. Instead of talking to the neighbor about the noise, she stuffed a mothball inside a chocolate candy bar and tried to give it to the dog.

Luckily, the dog refused the deadly treat, but of course, his humans were furious with the woman’s actions. Anyone who reacts to a dog that way shouldn’t be near animals ever again.

Dog laying in yard

The Worst Dog Barking Solution

Of all the solutions for a loud dog, the woman chose the most horrific response. According to neighbors, the woman didn’t even live at the home. She was only house-sitting for the owner.

The victim became aware of the situation when their dog started barking as if to alert them of danger. They went outside to check on their furry friend and saw a blonde woman dressed in all black on the other side of the fence.

The woman placed two treats around the house: one on a tree stump and one on the back stairs. They looked like round chocolate candies with cream filling, but they had a foul smell to them. After looking at them closely, the witness realized that mothballs had been stuffed inside.

House with barking dog

“Even if the dog does barks a lot, they should have talked to the neighbor. Just let them know about the dog barking excessively but to do something like that to poison a dog. That’s just crazy. It’s not right,” said Paul Fortin, a neighbor.

Will She Be Punished?

When police first interviewed the woman, known as Sandra Sullivan, she denied trying to poison the dog. Then, after further questioning, she confessed that she had put mothballs in candy bars to stop the dog from barking. Luckily, the dog never ate any of them.

“Sullivan expressed frustration over the neighbor’s dog barking at all hours and decided to make a ‘treat’ for the dog,” police said. “She tried giving it to the dog, but the dog did not take it.”

Sandra Sullivan

Sullivan claimed that she hadn’t meant to hurt the dog. She said the dog barked nonstop, and she thought the “treat” would prevent the disruptions. However, other neighbors said that the victim’s dog barked an average amount. The house Sullivan was staying at is one of the only homes without a dog.

Sullivan turned herself in and was released on a $1,000 bond. She has a court date set for February 10th, 2021.

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