Husky Attempts To Act ‘Tough’ With Baby, But Rolls Over With Joy When Baby Pets Him

Dogs and babies make the best of friends and their interactions form the cutest thing. They both share a genuine curiosity and playfulness, which makes them the most compatible companions. Dogs make memories that last a lifetime, thanks to videos like this one below.


Image Credit Source: YouTube


With this life-capturing video, Dad never thought it would be possible to preserve such a precious memory for his child. The dog appears to be really happy about meeting the baby and loves getting his ears scratched by the sweet little one.


Image Credit Source: YouTube


The carefree Husky flips onto his back to I give kisses to his human sibling. This unaware interaction with the baby surprise them both but lingers through time for a wonderful moment. With early bonding, the friendship grows stronger with every moment.

Watch this dynamic duo have a blast in the video below. Be sure to SHARE this with a friend or family member!


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