Katy Perry Performs On SNL, But Her Pup Steals The Show

When you fly all the way across the county and straight into a history-making blizzard to be a musical guest on ‘SNL,’ you may not expect to have to share the spotlight. But that’s exactly what happened to Katy Perry over the weekend.

Despite her braving the blizzard and bringing some “heat” to the snowy city, it was her dog Nugget who stole the show that night on Instagram.

Nugget Perry

Parts of New York were buried under a foot of snowfall, so it was perfect timing for Katy to warm up the snowy city. But Katy wasn’t the only one who made the harrowing journey to the Big Apple for her musical performance that night. Katy’s Teacup Poodle, Nugget, also joined her on the trek across the country, and he even made a brief appearance on her Instagram Story.

Katy Perry and Nugget

While on the show, Katy treated the audience to a taste of her new, larger-than-life Vegas residency, “Play.” During her performance, she sang her hit song “When I’m Gone” and danced with giant mushrooms. It actually looked like she was having some serious fun with that fungi. But even after such a “trippy” performance, Nugget was still the talk of the town.

Katy Perry Performs

Instagram isn’t the only place you can catch a glimpse of the notorious Nugget. You may recognize him from when he and Katy dressed up like Dumbo and his mom and then sang a Mother’s Day Tribute on Facebook live. Or you could have spotted him in the music video for Katy’s song, “Small Talk.” Either way, Katy loves having the adorable Nugget by her side. 

Katy Perry and Nugget as Elephants

It was an adorable photo of Nugget standing in the snow and another of him in front of the stage that almost eclipsed his mom’s musical performance. Before arriving on set, Katy took the time to post a picture of Nugget standing outside, with his paws in the white snow. She then added a snippet of text on top that said, “Watch me on @nbcsnl 2night! (IN A BLIZZARD OK).”

Nugget in snow

Not only did she post a picture of Nugget before the show, but afterward she posted an amusing clip of Nugget standing in front of the stage. As the video begins, it’s zoomed in on Nugget. Then someone yells, “Live from New York, it’s Nugget,” as the video quickly zooms out. Unfortunately, Katy posted it to her Instagram Stories, which are only viewable for a brief time. But lucky for you, we were able to grab a screenshot of the photo before it disappeared.

Katy Perry is no stranger to the SNL stage, having performed as a musical guest three times and once as the host. But It’s likely the first time she’s been upstaged by her own dog. 

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Featured Photo: Instagram

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