Lost Dog Spends 17 Days Fighting Off Coyotes To Survive Frigid Wilderness

Judy and Walter Preston have a hard time resisting rescue dogs. Over the years, they’ve adopted ten different dogs, usually having at least two at a time. So, when one of their beloved dogs died from an illness, they decided to adopt another dog a few months later.

When they met Maggie, they fell in love. They could tell she would get along well with their two other dogs, so they didn’t hesitate to adopt her. But a new home was very overwhelming for the pup. On her second day with the Prestons, she made a shocking escape. Many community members came together to help the rescue dog return home safely.

Couple adopts Maggie

New Dog on the Run

The day after Maggie’s adoption, the couple brought her to their machine shop with them. When they went to grab lunch, they left her in her crate inside the building. But when they returned, there was an empty crate and no Maggie.

They suspect that the pup somehow squeezed out of the crate and opened the lever-handle door, but they’re not sure how the door became unlocked. Judy immediately began reaching out to neighbors and putting up lost dog fliers.

lost rescue dog Maggie

Licking County Humane Society in Ohio, which is where they adopted Maggie from, helped spread the word. Lost Pet Recovery also assisted with the search. The lost dog fliers reminded people to not chase or follow Maggie since she was in flight mode. Instead, they were urged to call a number with sightings.

Lost Pet Recovery set up live traps, feeding stations, and cameras to capture Maggie. The cameras spotted the dog several times, including a time when she fought off coyotes. During Maggie’s time away, she also had to survive through freezing temperatures and several inches of snow.

Black dog at shelter

It’s a Miracle!

After 17 days alone in the snowy wilderness, Maggie was captured at one of the feeding stations. Judy received the call that Maggie was found while she was in her barn caring for horses. She couldn’t believe it!

“I lost it. I completely lost it,” Judy said. “I’m standing in the barn sobbing.”

Woman hugging rescue dog

The Prestons couldn’t pick up Maggie right away because a vet had to evaluate her health first. Surprisingly, she had no severe injuries, but she was very skinny. The vet put her on a special diet to help her gain back the weight she lost.

Rescues like this wouldn’t be possible without the help of the community. Every reported sighting brings families closer to finding their lost pets. Even though Maggie hasn’t had time to get comfortable in her new home yet, it’s clear that she’s going to get so much love and support from her caring adopters.

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