Man Helps Disabled Dog Enjoy Playtime In The Sweetest Way!

All dogs deserve love, even if they can’t get around as well as they used to. Most special needs dogs get plenty of love and attention, but there are certain things they may miss out on. One dog named Canelo can’t run around as easily as his doggy siblings, but he longs to join in on their playtime. So, one of his human family members found the perfect way to make the pup not feel left out.

A video of the human showing kindness to the disabled dog has taken over TikTok. Many dog lovers have fallen in love with the heartwarming clip.

Man running with dogs

No Dog Left Behind

TikTok user Jooseline posted a heartwarming video of her dad and Canelo. Canelo has hypertrophic osteodystrophy, which is a disease that limits the dog’s mobility. So, he can move a little, but he can’t run and play like the other dogs. His humans usually have him in a stroller when they go for walks.

“He can’t exert much effort because it hurts,” Jooseline wrote. “My dad lets him enjoy the time as much as the others.”

So, to help Canelo enjoy playtime with the other dogs, Jooseline’s dad picks him up in his arms. Then, he runs after the other dogs while holding the sweet Pit Bull. Of course, Canelo can’t thank the human verbally, but his happy face shows so much gratitude.

Man carrying disabled dog

Disabled Dog Receives Endless Love

Hundreds of thousands of dog lovers on TikTok watched the video of the man carrying Canelo, and it received so many positive reactions. In the video, Jooseline’s dad is running with Canelo in his arms as three other dogs gallop beside him. They all run down a trail together, so it’s like Canelo is running beside his friends.

To make the video even more charming, the user accompanied the post with the song “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt. It’s very fitting because even though Canelo is different than his dog friends, he’s still beautiful inside and out.

All dogs deserve to experience the joy of running around and playing. So, this family went above and beyond to make sure their pup got exactly that. Canelo is one lucky dog, and his humans will ensure that he will never be left out of the many exciting moments in life.

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