Missing Dog Found Over 500 Days Later With Cropped Ears

A 9-month-old Cane Corso named Buddy is a big and beautiful dog, so it doesn’t seem like he’d be hard to spot. Yet, when he went missing after his training class, his family spent over 500 days looking for him. During that time, sightings kept occurring, so his humans never gave up hope.

When someone finally found Buddy, he didn’t look like the same dog. Not only was he much older, but his ears had been cropped. His humans are just happy to have him back, but dog lovers everywhere want answers. Who would do this to an innocent lost dog?

Lost Cane Corso

An Intense Search

Jacquawn Cummings took Buddy to a training session at PetSmart moments before he went missing. She said he got spooked by something and made a getaway. Somehow, he managed to run out the door.

That was the last time Cummings was with Buddy for 538 days. But during that time, she never stopped trying to get him back. She shared his photos all over social media, so people started recognizing him and posting sightings.

Cane Corso sitting outside

“I started getting calls, and Buddy was in the area,” said Cummings.

Several people shared their security footage, showing that a dog like Buddy had crossed through their yard. Cummings considered every lead, hoping that one of them would bring her furry friend home.

Lost dog with cropped ears

Many Unanswered Questions

After almost a year and a half of searching, someone saw Buddy at the animal shelter, and they recognized him from the social media posts. They reached out to Cummings, who couldn’t believe it!

At first, she was hesitant because the shelter thought the dog was much older than Buddy. But as soon as she saw him, she knew he was her long-lost dog. Even though he’d been gone longer than he’d lived with the family, he remembered them and was overjoyed to see them. Cummings said he was especially excited to see her son.

Lost Cane Corso Reunited

Sadly, Buddy’s ears were cropped while he was away, which means someone took him during that time. Cummings reported it to the police. No dog should have to suffer through that, but of course, his family loves him no matter what he looks like. They’re grateful to all the dog lovers out there that helped them with sightings.

Now that Buddy returned, Cummings said she’s going to get him microchipped right away. She never wants to be apart from her pup for that long ever again.

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