Mom Found “Odd-Looking” Baby Bird Abandoned On Lawn And Documented How He Grew Over 1-Year

Susan Hickman found a cracked bird egg lying on the ground. Curiosity got the better of her, and she picked it up only to find a surprise in store for her. Inside the egg was a small baby Starlet, still alive, and barely clinging to life.


Since Susan didn’t know where the egg came from, she had no way of returning it to its nest. She decided to give the little birdie a chance and raise him herself. Even though experienced bird rehabbers warned her that the bird had little chance of surviving, she felt like she had to at least try.

She named the bird Klinger and placed him in a makeshift incubator. She then began feeding him cat food mixed with applesauce, hard-boiled egg, and avian vitamins. For two weeks, she fed him every. . .     Click here to read more >>


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