Mom Was Warned Not To Let Pup Near Baby, But She Did Anyway & Started Filming

It is common to be scared of the various hazards of allowing pets near tiny infants. However, this lovely film challenges that notion, as we see 8-month-old Ella happily playing with her friendly Golden Retriever puppy.



In this video, we see the 2-month-old puppy approach the little girl sitting on an outdoor deck with curiosity. The puppy is a live wire, bouncing about her and inviting her to play!

The puppy is amusing to Ella, who bursts into gleeful giggles as she allows the dog to nuzzle up against her face and lap. The exuberantly energetic puppy keeps his tail-wags going, demanding that Ella play with him, and she eventually decides to join in his game.



Ella screams with delight as she hugs the puppy and rolls on the floor with him. They appear to be two adorable little angels getting a wonderful start to a lifelong relationship, tangled up together on the ground. This lovely video has given us renewed hope today. What an adorable baby and puppy love!



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