Neglected Deaf Dog And Best Friend Get Adopted Together After 2 Long Years

Just before Christmas in 2019, the RSPCA rescued four dogs from a small shed. Rescuers believe the dogs were used for hunting, but received minimal human contact other than that. Two of the dogs, Eve and Dasher, were Salukis. The other two dogs were named Angel and Tinsel.

Angel and Tinsel found their forever homes right away while Eve and Dasher were left behind. The two are a bonded pair, and Eve is deaf. So, not everyone was willing to take on the extra work that these shy dogs required. But now, they’re finally getting a Christmas miracle!

Saluki dogs playing outside

Duo Patiently Waits

The four neglected dogs waited for their forever homes at the RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in Hertfordshire, England, where Angel and Tinsel were quickly adopted. But sadly, Eve and Dasher were harder to place. Yet, the shelter was determined to keep them together. 

“All four dogs were really nervous upon arrival, and it didn’t seem as though they’d had much human interaction in their lives. They were underweight and had been suffering from diarrhea, but, thankfully, they were soon feeling much better,” said an RSPCA spokesperson.

Salukis taking a bath

The RSPCA does everything they can to make every Christmas at the shelter special for the dogs, but nothing can beat a forever home. These pups celebrated Christmas twice at the RSPCA before finding the home of their dreams. Over time, they slowly grew healthier and more confident.

It took 18 months for Eve and Dasher to find their forever home, but it was well worth it when they did.

Salukis at animal shelter

A Christmas Miracle!

The two Salukis now live with Kelly Coupland, Scott Marshall, and their retired racing Greyhound named Biscuit. The couple from Staffordshire recently lost their 16-year-old Saluki named Fawn, so they were ready to open up their hearts to another dog in need. Yet, they couldn’t resist the adorable pair, so they adopted both Eve and Dasher.

“Salukis have so much sass and character. They want to be the center of the universe and I just love that, so I knew I wanted a dog with a bit of Saluki in them, and then we spotted Evie and Dasher! They have settled in really well especially considering how long they were in kennels,” Coupland said.

Bonded pair of rescue dogs

Coupland added that Eve loves to cuddle on the couch with her humans. They’re teaching her commands through hand signals to form a closer bond. Dasher is more scared, but he has been coming out of his shell in his own ways. Both dogs love going for hikes with Biscuit and their humans.

After two years in the shelter, Eve and Dasher are excited to finally spend Christmas in a loving home. Coupland said that she has plenty of presents and festive treats for them during the holidays. After everything they’ve been through, they deserve to be loved and spoiled as much as possible from now on!

Rescue dogs at the beach

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