Neil Patrick Harris Shares Heart-Wrenching Video Of His Pup In A Cast

Actor/singer/multi-talent Neil Patrick Harris shared some sad news about one of his three dogs this week: Spike the French Bulldog mix has broken his tiny toe.

Harris posted a video to Instagram of the dog on his chest on January 14th, 2022. Poor Spike wears a cast that covers most of his left leg. Both dog and dad sport sad expressions.


The quality of Harris’ voice in the video indicates how sad he is for his pup.

“Spike broke his toe and he’s in a little cast for four weeks,” the actor says sorrowfully before kissing the dog’s chest.

To make recovery a little brighter, Spike’s yellow cast is plastered with green bones. It looks like it’s already been signed by his human family members too. Still, I know from personal experience how heartbreaking it is to see your dog in a cast. They just look so helpless!

“I’m sorry,” Harris continues in the video. “I hope it doesn’t snow!”


Luckily, dogs are also known for their resilience. Spike just has to tough it out for a few more weeks (but hopefully, it doesn’t snow.)

At the very least, the post on Instagram earned Spike a “get well soon” from singer/songwriter Debbie Gibson. View the sweet video here.

The Harris-Burtka Family

The tender way he interacts with his dog is very indicative of Neil Patrick Harris’ love for animals. NPH and his husband, David Burtka, have three dogs. In addition to Spike, there’s Gidget and Ella (the newest family member.)


The couple’s two human kids, Gideon and Harper, received Ella as a Christmas gift at the end of 2020. Both Gidget and Spike were rescued from the North Shore Animal League.


In an interview with People, The How I Met Your Mother star said he really values his fur kids:

“I’d like to think that having dogs makes you selfless enough that you just love unconditionally and it’s this great back and forth because you can’t really teach them ramifications for things the way you can with a child.”


Harris and Burtka were once featured in the magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue with Gidget and Spike. They joked that though their rescue dogs can be a handful, it’s worth the unconditional love they provide.

The three Harris-Burtka dogs often feature on their dads’ social media channels (@NPH and @dbelicious.) The dogs also all have their own Instagram accounts (@babyellagrams, @spikegrams, @gidgetgrams), but they’re much less “active” online. Regardless, that’s how you can continue to follow Spike’s recovery.

H/T: People
Featured Image: Instagram

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