New-Mom Introduces Newborn To Her Pet, Dog Shows Mom Her 1st Rookie Mistake

Dogs are known to have an uncanny ability to sense when a new baby has arrived. Recent studies show that dogs can smell when a newborn is related to their human pack leader. This may be because dogs preferentially form bonds with people in charge of looking after them. Dogs naturally form attachments to the new baby, who they see as in higher position.


Image Source: YouTube Video


The video in this article shows the HILARIOUS lengths babies’ puppies will go to ensure they are safe. Dogs are known for being loyal, but there is no limit to their love for human babies!

This type of nurturing is expected from a parent, but it can be hard to see, when the only caregiving has only arms. Especially since this one dog lacks the digits to do most tasks, yet has figured out how to accomplish something so darn adorable— and is taking care of the tiny baby she already adores.


Image Source: YouTube Video


I promise you, watching this will be the sweetest 32 seconds of your day! And don’t forget to share this with family and friends. Keeping it to yourself would just be wrong a little selfish, sorry.


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