Police Ask For Help Catching A Savage Serial Killer Who Has Tortured & Killed 3 Dogs

In Parsons, Kansas, people are starting to become terrified. Over the last few months, four local dogs have been attacked, and the attacks have escalated from shootings to torture.

Three of the four dogs targeted did not survive. Concerned locals and authorities are now worried their town is falling victim to a serial killer in the making.


It Begins With Zeus And Bleu

In late 2021, Zeus, a Miniature Schnauzer, was shot and nearly bled to death. Parsons Police found him by following a trail of blood to the wounded dog.

Incredibly, Zeus survived with prompt veterinary care. His treatment cost his family $6,000, but they wouldn’t hesitate to do it for their dog.

“He is the best dog I’ve ever had. I never would have expected it,” said Jason Jones, Zeus’ dad.

Then, on November 6th, another neighborhood dog, Bleu, was shot. Bleu was still alive when he was found limping in an alley, but sadly the bullet caused too much damage to his organs. He didn’t make it.

From there, things only got worse.

The Attacks Escalate With Ranger

A 3-month-old German Shepherd puppy named Ranger was brutally attacked less than a month later. The dog was in the fenced backyard of his home, one that he shared with a Parsons police officer.

Police believe the killer took Ranger from his yard and beheaded him. Then, they returned Ranger’s decapitated body and his muzzle to the yard.


Because Ranger’s owner is a Parsons police officer, authorities suspect Ranger was targeted. After the attack, Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said:

“I cannot even describe my feelings of disdain for the person(s) responsible. I am an avid dog lover as I have made it clear to the community over the years that I have been here, I have 2 rescue dogs, one that I adopted from our local shelter. The level of cowardice that would lead someone to kill a little puppy named ‘Ranger’ is astonishing. I pray that we get a chance for the judicial system to prosecute this coward and bring them to justice.”

Drako’s Death Implies A Serial Killer

Just two weeks after Ranger’s murder, children discovered the body of a Pit Bull mix named Drako dumped in a creek. The 4-year-old dog was wrapped in a blanket and tied with rope.

A post-mortem exam revealed that Drako was tortured before he died. Chief Spinks said there was severe trauma to his abdomen and neck, and that he “was probably choked until he was dead.”


Drako makes for the third dog killed in this area in less than a year. Reporters with KCTV stopped local resident Anna Smith while she was walking her dog. Smith told them:

“This is not something that usually happens in Parsons. Definitely, I feel like [there’s] a serial killer in the making.”

After Drako was found, Police wrote in a statement:

“This is very frustrating for everyone involved. Officers want closure to these cases as bad as the general public. We have been and will continue to ask the public for support and information leading to the arrest of person or persons who are committing these crimes.”

The Ongoing Investigation

Police officers visited over 250 houses in a three-block radius, looking for surveillance video. They were also surprised when increasing the reward offer to $30,000 didn’t bring forth any new information.

“It is really a shocking development that the $30,000.00 offered has not loosened any tongues. That is what leads us to believe that it is one person acting alone.”


Police said they’re taking these killings very seriously, but they also need the public’s help to apprehend whoever is doing this.

“We are calling on our citizens again to help solve a case. Someone somewhere knows something, and we just need to be told. So that we can follow up. We have hundreds of people in the community that are avid dog lovers. Please put your ears to the ground, let us know if you hear anything.”

Anyone with information about these heinous crimes should call the Tip Line at 421-7057 or send an email to tips@parsonspd.com

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