Puppy Collapses After Being Rescued From Storm Drain, Rescuers Hope For A Miracle

An emergency phone call came in for a puppy that was crying from inside a gutter, and Animal Aid Unlimited was called. When the rescuers got there, they were startled to discover the situation was worse than they’d imagined.


Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited – YouTube Video



Later, when the pup’s name was changed to Leo, he was trapped inside a drain with a concrete barrier on both sides. The gutter had been sealed off with a hefty slab, making it impossible for the puppy to escape. With much effort, the rescuers removed the slab and rescued Leo from his predicament.

Every second, Leo’s head would drop down, revealing a tell-tale sign of epilepsy, brain injury, and neurological conditions. After receiving the emergency treatment at the shelter, Leo fell asleep immediately.



Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited – YouTube Video



The volunteers began to worry about Leo after he had been sleeping for two days straight. On the third day, after being deprived of food for three days, he fought back and gained some strength. He was unable to stand or act rationally for many days afterward, which is not uncommon after a brain injury.



Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited – YouTube Video


This video follows Leo’s progress after his accident and how he overcame the odds to become a survivor! For Leo, the shelter’s dedicated care and 24-hour support were like a miracle. Today, Leo is steady on his feet and is adored by the shelter’s staff as a much-cherished sweetheart!


Watch this heartwarming video of Leo and his gripping story with a happy ending! Be sure to SHARE this with a friend or family member!


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