Radio Producer Describes Therapy Dog’s Emotional Visit With Nursing Home Residents

The benefits of interacting with a therapy dog are numerous. These dogs with docile personalities and specialized training can ease anxiety, inspire confidence, and provide a vital dopamine release to those who need it most.

Morgan, Digital Director at The Bobby Bones Show on iHeart Radio, appeared on the January 20th, 2022 episode to remind listeners of the value of a therapy dog’s presence. During the show’s “Tell Me Something Good” segment, Morgan shared a story about visiting a retirement home with her recently certified rescue dog, Remi.


On Visiting 30 Appreciative Elderly Residents

Though some people living at the retirement home had difficulties remembering, interacting with Remi sparked some pleasant thoughts. Morgan explained:

“[I]t was really sweet because when we would go up to them, they would share their stories about the dogs they used to have, and that was almost the only thing they would remember. But Remi inspired them to remember those stories.”

For some, Remi offered some quiet comfort. Morgan described one elderly resident who couldn’t talk to the pair but “held paws” with Remi for 5 minutes “because that was the thing that made him happy.”


Morgan also said the more vocal residents expressed sincere gratitude for Remi’s visit:

“When we left, they were like ‘Thank you so much for taking the time,’ and one of them was like ‘That really put a smile on my face,’ and my whole heart just sank.”

It seems like Remi may just be coming back to bring more smiles later on.

The Right Stuff For The Job

Because Remi loves humans so much, Morgan figured she’d make a great therapy dog. Six weeks of training and one “really extensive exam” later, it was official.

Remi’s therapy animal certification allows the pair to visit hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and other places that welcome therapy animals for interaction opportunities.


Retirement homes like the one Morgan and Remi recently visited are the perfect places for therapy dogs to use their skills. The vast majority of these facilities do not allow residents to keep animals, which can’t be too helpful for people who already miss having family members around.

Though all dogs are cute, not all can qualify to become officially certified therapy dogs. Remi just happened to have all the right stuff: she’s highly social, non-reactive, has a desire to learn, and a calm personality.

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