“Real-Life Lassie” Leads Police To Unconscious Humans After Car Crash

A Shiloh Shepherd is being called a “Real-Life Lassie” after saving her human’s life. After a tragic car crash, the dog named Tinsley saw that her human and the other passengers were injured, unconscious, and unable to save themselves. So, as if reacting to instinct, she ran off to find help.

Tinsley went on an incredible journey that ended up saving the humans in the accident. If she hadn’t acted fast, help might not have arrived in time. Lassie might be a fictional character, but there are plenty of dogs as heroic as her in real life too. Tinsley is proof of that!

Footage of dog finding help

Tinsley to the Rescue

Cam Laundry, Tinsley’s human, was driving a truck when it rolled down an embankment on a Vermont interstate. Another human passenger, Tinsley, and a Bulldog were in the car with him when the vehicle crashed. Tinsley got up from the wreckage with minimal injuries, but no one else moved at first.

Somehow, Tinsley knew exactly what to do. She ran off to find help for the victims. When police saw the 1-year-old dog wandering alone on the interstate, they tried to capture her, but she kept running off in the same direction. So, they followed her until she stopped at a damaged guardrail. That’s when they spotted the horrific remnants of the car crash.

Totaled car after accident

“While at the scene, Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers learned that the German [sic] Shepard, named Tinsley, belonged to one of the injured occupants of the truck. It quickly became apparent that Tinsley led Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police to the crash site and injured occupants,” New Hampshire State Police wrote on Facebook.

Sadly, the passenger’s Bulldog didn’t survive the accident. But both Laundry and his human passenger were alive. Both men suffered from hypothermia, along with other injuries.

Police respond to accident

A Four-Legged Guardian Angel

After the incident, Laundry and his passenger, Justin Connors, were sent to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. They are both doing well, and Laundry is now at home with Tinsley. Connors’ injuries were more severe, including a leg injury. So, he will spend a few extra days at the hospital.

Now, Laundry is facing charges for driving under the influence. He doesn’t believe he had enough drinks to put anyone in danger, but he’s not upset with the charges. He’s just grateful that he, Connors, and Tinsley are okay. He also learned some valuable lessons following the accident.

Tinsley the hero dog

“It definitely was a wake-up call,” said Laundry. “I’m just thankful that [Tinsley is] always with me. Everybody loves Tinsley!”

The accident was a heartbreaking situation, but it’s important for those involved to learn from their mistakes and make improvements for the future. Tinsley helped show the world that some people deserve second chances, which is why she never gives up on the human who loves her.

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