Selma Blair’s Service Dog Has Heartwarming Graduation Celebration

Actress Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in August 2018, a year after her rescue dog passed away. The central nervous system disease can disrupt communication between the brain and the body, making everyday activities a struggle. Blair went through three years of treatment for her MS, and now she’s in remission.

Even though the most challenging parts seem to be over, life won’t be the same for Blair. So, she’s been working with a service dog named Scout, who will make her life a little easier. To celebrate Scout recently graduating from service dog training, Blair made an adorable post about him, including the cutest graduation photos.

Selma Blair with service dog

Meet Scout!

Blair recently introduced Scout, the English Red Fox Lab, to her followers on Instagram. She has been working with Scout through Doggie Does Good Service Dogs for the past year and a half. He helps her with her mobility and other obstacles that her MS causes.

“It has been a year and a half in the making, but today my new partner, Scout, and I graduated! We are now a service dog team,” Blair wrote. “Thank you to his trainer Courtney and the whole team at @servicedogs_ddg.”

Selma Blair cuddling dog

Along with a heartfelt caption, Blair posted several photos of her and Scout celebrating the pup’s graduation. In some images, he even has a tiny graduation hat.

Before Scout was in the picture, Blair went through many treatments, including chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. Even though her MS is currently in remission, she will still benefit greatly from having a service dog by her side.

Selma Blair Service Dog Team

A Service Dog Team

Blair has been an advocate for MS over the years. So, while she’s thrilled to finally have a dog by her side, she wants to ensure that everyone knows how to be respectful around service dogs. She reminded her followers not to approach her and Scout since it can be distracting.

Selma Blair service dog graduation

“He is very handsome and friendly, but if you see me and Scout, and we are working (which he really always is, as am I) then give a smile but please don’t approach. Distractions really set me back. I am building stamina and coordination with the aid of this special dog and training!” Blair wrote. “I am excited for this time to focus and settle and get out of the house more. I am so happy to have him.”

Blair is excited to be part of a “service dog team,” and she promised to share updates on social media. No matter how rough things get, she’s more confident now that she has Scout to look after her. The pup looks so enthusiastic about taking on this important role!

Selma Blair Kissing Service Dog

Featured Image: Instagram

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