Shelter Dog Parties With Pilfered Squeaky Toys After Escaping Kennel

Finding unexpected freedom one evening, shelter dog Gilligan threw himself a late-night squeaky toy pawty. When Bedford County Humane Society staff arrived at the shelter in the morning, they were surprised to find the party boy running through the halls amid the scattered remains of his good time.

As a longtime resident of the Pennsylvania shelter, Gilligan knows his way around the building, so when the latch on his kennel was left a little loose, this good boy wiggled and squirmed until he achieved the sweet freedom to roam about as he pleased.

After busting out, Gilligan first checked the building to be sure he was alone, and then he invited every stuffed animal and squeaky toy he could find to party down with him. And the good time didn’t stop until he made sure that every inch of the shelter’s hallways, lobby, and storage room was packed with party fun.

Good Boy Turns into Party Animal

Gilligan has called the Bedford County Humane Society home since he was a puppy. Rescued from a bad situation, Gilligan has overcome so many issues with the help of staff and volunteers. Now, as a dignified dog with a frosted face, he serves as the official greeter for the shelter.

Bedford County Humane Society staff member, Joyce Ross, told The Dodo, “He is a wonderful office greeter.”

“Every time someone walks through the doors, he lets us know while he patiently waits for the visitor to bring him treats or even possibly a new toy. He has definitely made progress.”

But even good dogs have to let loose sometimes! So, that’s just what Gilligan did the night he found himself free. Footage from the shelter’s security footage showed Gilligan searching the place and then, realizing he was ‘home alone’ so to speak, “he went straight for the toys.”


“One by one, he pulled them out of the pile that we had just received from all of our Christmas donations, and he brought them in the hallway to play with them and to pull the squeakers out.”

Busted and Adorable

Like the best of house parties, the halls and rooms of the shelter were littered with the proof of Gilligan’s fun. And this silly dog didn’t bother to clean up the mess; if anything, he was happy to show it off when staff arrived in the morning.


“He had no remorse and he was happy to see a familiar face,” Joyce shared.


Laughing as they began to pick up the mess, staff quickly realized Gilligan hadn’t gotten into any food. Instead, his appetite was strictly for toys—and only the squeaky ones.

 “First, we went through all of the toys to check for any survivors that could possibly be played with again. He spared most of the ones without a squeaker because that is what he was after. Once we recovered some of the toys that could be reused, the cleanup was pretty easy.”


So, tickled by his impromptu party, the shelter posted a proud Gilligan and his mess on Facebook, writing, “It’s a good thing Gilligan was on patrol…Something destroyed all these toys sometime during the night.”

What would they do without this good dog?

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Feature Image: Bedford County Humane Society/Facebook

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