Shelter Dogs Jump For Joy When Surprised With Puppuccinos

Sadly, millions of dogs die each year in shelters if they can’t find forever homes. Many of them live sad lives not knowing what true love is like. That’s why it’s so crucial for dog lovers to work together to help give these dogs as much hope as possible.

One woman named Blaise Landry decided to extend her kindness to an entire shelter full of dogs. So, she bought dozens of puppuccinos to surprise the adoptable dogs with. She took adorable photos of the event, and all the dogs’ reactions are priceless!

Dog licking lips
Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

How to Brighten a Dog’s Day

Many dogs get excited when they sit in the Starbucks drive-thru, waiting for a delicious puppuccino. While it might sound like a fancy drink, puppuccinos are simply cups of whipped cream made specifically for dogs. They don’t contain any coffee, tea, or caffeine of any kind, so they’re safe and tasty treats for furry friends to enjoy. But sadly, many shelter dogs never get the thrill of tasting a puppuccino.

Happy shelter dog
Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

That’s why Landry from Marrero, Lousiana wanted to give some shelter dogs that chance. All dogs are sweet, loving creatures that deserve to be spoiled with treats, so Landry and her friend wanted to do their part to help. They gathered a couple of boxes of puppuccinos from their local Starbucks and brought them to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

Dog eating puppuccino
Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

“Today my best friend and I went to Starbucks and got all of our shelter babies a puppuccino. We were extremely excited to do this because these babies deserve it all & we figured a little something would brighten up their day!!” Landry wrote on Facebook. “We want to give a huge thank you to Starbucks on Manhattan Blvd in Harvey for being so amazing and giving us the treats for our doggos!! They were so happy and we are beyond blessed to have a job surrounded by these wonderful animals!”

Hungry shelter dog
Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

Sure enough, the dogs were overjoyed to see puppuccinos for the first time. Each photo Landry took perfectly captures the joy in the dogs’ eyes. Landry’s Facebook post featured a variety of photos and videos from the adventure, all of which are heartwarming.

puppy eating puppuccino
Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

Help Dogs in Need!

Landry’s post quickly went viral in no time with thousands of likes, comments, and shares. As cute as these images are, they hopefully will share an important message to everyone: adopt! Too many dogs are living their lives without finding their forever homes, and it’s heartbreaking. So, the more people that choose to adopt a shelter dog, the more dogs that can be saved.

Shelter pup eating puppuccino
Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

Even if you’re unable to adopt, there are still plenty of other things you can do to help dogs in need. Shelters can always benefit from donations, volunteers, and foster families. Apparently, you can also bring tasty snacks to adoptable dogs too if you’re able! Maybe you can help make more dogs jump for joy like Landry did.

Dog loves puppuccino
Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

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Featured Image: Blaise Landry Facebook

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