Student Refused To Leave Ukraine Without His Rescue Dog. Now They’re Safe!

Amid the horrific Russian invasion, many Ukrainians have been able to leave with their furry friends by their sides. But some people are still having trouble getting to safety. Rishab Kaushik, an Indian student in Ukraine, has been struggling to get his rescue dog named Malibu approved to fly.

Kaushik was trying to evacuate to India amid the war, but he refused to leave without Malibu. The government kept denying his flight without the dog’s paperwork. So, he posted a video online, pleading for someone to help him. All he wanted was for his pup to be safe.

Man escaping Ukraine with his dog

Begging for a Miracle

Kaushik was studying software engineering at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Engineering when the war began. He’s in his final year of college, and he adopted Malibu during his time in Ukraine. He named the rescue pup “Malibu” because it means “sweet.”

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Kaushik’s family is from Dehradun, India, so he planned to return there once he realized it wasn’t safe in Ukraine. His family members in Ukraine quickly evacuated the country, but Kaushik couldn’t go with them because of Malibu. He refused to hop on a plane unless his furry friend could be beside him.

The student faced a lot of setbacks when trying to fly back to India. He said the government kept asking for paperwork that he couldn’t obtain because most places in Ukraine were closed. Eventually, he turned to the internet to ask for help. He posted a video sharing his story, hoping someone could find a way for him and Malibu to escape.

Man cuddling rescue dog in Ukraine

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“Even my dog is so stressed out about it,” said Kaushik. “He’s really scared about all the bombings happening, and he’s crying all the time with all the bombings happening around.”

The Duo is Safe

After seeing his plea, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reached out to the Indian government and convinced them to allow pets on flights. With more lenient pet travel restrictions, Kaushik was able to safely fly to India with Malibu by his side.

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“There was a lot of documentation in India, the procedure was long. But in war-like situations, they should’ve allowed their own citizens. So, I had put up the appeal. A memorandum had come recently which stated that pets and even strays are now being allowed without NOC,” Kaushik said.

Rescue dog at airport

Malibu wasn’t the only pup that benefitted from this change. Arya Aldrin, a student at National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, was finally able to fly to India with her Siberian Husky puppy named Zaira. Another student in Ukraine escaped to India with their Husky too.

Kaushik and the other students who traveled to India are truly devoted to their dogs. They refused to part ways with their furry friends no matter how tough things got. Kaushik might’ve rescued Malibu, but it seems like they often rescue each other too.

Watch the Emotional Video Here:

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