Terrified Pit Bull In Storm Drain Is Too Scared To Accept Help

Jay B. Neal was walking around Clewiston, Florida when he heard some unusual sounds. He heard a dog whining, along with the thumping sound of a wagging tail. Yet, his confusion grew when there was no dog nearby. After following the sound, he discovered a terrified Pit Bull trapped in a storm drain.

It’s unclear how the two-year-old dog got down there, but there was no easy way for her to escape. She had likely chased a critter into the drain and ended up getting stuck. Luckily, Neal called for help, which likely saved the pup’s life.

Dog trapped in storm drain

Too Scared To Accept Help

Shortly after Neal spotted the dog, he notified Clewiston animal control officers, who rushed to the scene. The top of the drain was cemented shut, so they couldn’t get it off to save the dog. Thus, animal control had to call firefighters to assist them.

“I kept hearing this dog whining and couldn’t quite figure out where it was coming from,” Neal said.

Scared dog in storm drain

The Clewiston firefighters broke the cement around the grate and successfully pulled it off. Yet, the dog didn’t budge. The pup barely had enough room to turn around in the pipe, so even though there was an opening for her to escape, she remained frozen in place. She was too scared to allow anyone to help her, but animal control didn’t give up.

“She was terrified. Overall terrified. Whimpering. Crying,” said Clewiston Animal Control Officer Jaylen Rodriguez.

Woman saving dog in storm drain

Brought to Safety

Officer Rodriguez and her partner William Jones worked together to coax the nervous dog out of the pipe. Rodriguez reached both her hands inside and used treats to gain the pup’s trust. It took about a half-hour, but eventually, the dog let Rodriguez pull her to safety.

Once she was free from the storm drain, the dog lit up. She wagged her tail like crazy as if to thank her brave rescuers. They named her Stormy, which is very fitting considering the situation. She was no longer afraid of humans, and she got excited when she saw other dogs.

Dog rescued from storm drain

Luckily, Stormy escaped the situation unharmed, but she might’ve been trapped there for several days before Neal found her. She’s currently staying at Clewiston Animal Services. She’ll eventually be put up for adoption if someone doesn’t claim her. No matter what happens, Stormy is grateful that so many kind humans worked together to save her life.

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