These Starving Strays Are Now Safe With Full Bellies Thanks To You!

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good Charities, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.

These guys were recently found wandering alone in the countryside. They were not near any lived-in houses, they were abandoned and fending for themselves and freezing. They were skinny and very malnourished.

“The people who spotted them started feeding them to try to win their trust. We worked with the KC Dog Trappers and these guys were trapped and brought to our rescue. They are getting fed quality food multiple times a day and staying warm. Because of the discounted food purchases, we don’t have to stress so much over having the funding to buy at full price. This allows us to put more money towards vet bills and maintenance projects at our facility.”

– Autumn Acres Animal Rescue

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