This Unlikely Pair Shares A Bond That Would Rival The Greatest Song & Dance Duos.

The most unlikely friends are often the most heartwarming. Trinity, a Pekinese mix, befriends a lot of dogs when she stays at the Ajax PetsHotel daycare. While she usually spends time with the other small dogs, she quickly formed a special bond with Buck the Malamute.

Trinity befriended the gentle giant at the Ontario facility before the COVID-19 pandemic began. But when the daycare closed for a while, they were both heartbroken. So, the staff decided to make their reunion extra special by recording the beautiful moment when they were together once again. Their reactions to seeing each other again after 18 months are priceless!

Unlikely dog friends

Two Unlikely Friends

The pandemic affected many businesses, causing some to shut down for much longer than others. And with more people working from home, many pets didn’t need pet care services. So, Trinity and Buck didn’t see each other at daycare for almost 18 months!

Before the lockdown, Trinity and Buck played with each other in the cutest ways. They loved to chase each other around the play area. To them, their size difference didn’t matter. It didn’t stop them from having fun together.

Trinity the Pekingese mix

Trinity has a lot of companions at daycare, but the staff knew she would be most excited to see Buck. So, as they entered the kennel area with the small dog, PetSmart employee Tara Zapp recorded Trinity’s reaction to seeing her best friend again.

The Ultimate Reunion

When Trinity smelled Buck, she pulled toward his kennel as fast as she could. She jumped, barked, and danced to show her excitement when she saw him. At first, Buck seemed hesitant about the tiny dog’s affection, but then he recognized her. He let out the cutest howls as if to sing a song to go along with her dance.

“We had to close out facility due to the pandemic. All the dogs got picked up and sent home before we shut down. This was the reaction when we reopened,” Zapp said.

Daycare dogs singing

The reunion video only lasts for a few seconds, but it’s the most heartwarming interaction you’ll see. Dogs are great at showing others how they feel, so we can learn a thing or two from them. The daycare hasn’t posted more videos of the duo yet, but it seems that Trinity has been making many more friends too.

Watch Trinity and Buck’s Reactions Here:

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