Two Pups “So Ugly, They Were Cute” Find Hope With The Loving Rescue You Supported

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Sugarfoot Farm Rescue received a call about two puppies that were found by the road in Edmonton.

“They showed up early in the morning as I was headed to the vet. They were two of the most pathetic pups I had ever seen.”

Each pup was skinny all the way through, with a belly that protruded more than it should. Their spines were visible through the skin hanging off their frames. Their joints were weak, and could barely stand on their paws, and chose instead to rest their elbows.

“And to top it off – they were so ugly, they were cute.”

Bert and Ernie found love at Sugarfoot Farm and settled into a new routine in no time!

“We built a pen for them on the deck with a doghouse, filled water bowls, and plenty of toys. Every day, they spend the day playing in their pen and then come inside for supper. I have been feeding them Dick Van Patton’s Natural Balance Chicken & Rice. It has helped with their weight increase. They are now slick, with no ribs showing.

“Rescue Bank has decreased our expense for dog food, allowing more funds to go towards veterinary care and to purchase wormer and flea medication.”

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