Vet Suggested Dog Be Put Down, But The Rescuer Knew He Had A Lot To Live For

Andrea found Benji on the side of the road and recognized that he had been through so much for no fault of his own. She delivered him to a vet and was advised to put him down, but she disagreed and instead got him healed and settled


Image Credit:  YouTube/Misus Yaya


Andrea, the owner of YouTube channel Misus Yaya, had a gut feeling that Benji’s time wasn’t up yet. So she decided to give him a few more days and see how he feels. To her surprise, Benji feel better the very next day. Her love and care even for just one day, made him happier and it looked like he wanted to live again.


Image Credit:  YouTube/Misus Yaya


Andrea was ecstatic. With the help of virgin coconut oil and a loving family, Benji began to develop fast! His cracked skin healed and his body filled out (and gained cuteness) as he quickly looked like a teddy bear little boy.

Benji got a second chance and he grabbed it and never let go!


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