Watch “The Rock” Get Upstaged By His French Bulldog During A Workout

It’s definitely difficult not to be completely captivated by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson whenever he’s on screen. Between his larger-than-life size and his incredible talent both on and off the screen, he certainly commands your attention. So when his teeny-tiny canine companion made a cameo on a recent social media post and stole the show, it was quite big news.

The Rock

“The Rock” posted a video of himself pumping iron in the gym to his Instagram feed, giving his followers a peek at his sweet, sleeping sidekick, Hobbs. As a former professional wrestler, it’s no surprise that “The Rock” would spend a significant amount of time prioritizing his physical fitness. But how adorable is it that he takes his canine companion with him while he works out?

The Rock

As the video begins, “The Rock” is obviously out of breath as he looks directly into the camera and gives us his signature smolder. He then pans over to his stretched-out sidekick, Hobbs, and gives us a glimpse of his adorable Frenchie face. The drowsy dog was sleeping on the floor as his dad exercised. What a faithful friend!


After that, “The Rock” comments that Hobbs needs one of “these” and takes his followers over to his refrigerator that is filled with ZOA energy drinks. It’s an obvious plug for one of the companies that he has helped create, but it’s hard to mind when he couples it with a motivational message and a swoon-worthy smile. After all, who can be mad after we just got to gaze upon the face of his darling dog?

The Rock

I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised that the superstar would want his furry best friend by his side. “The Rock” is a well-known, devoted dog dad and has even voiced a cartoon canine. Remember the time Hobbs fell in the pool and daddy Dwayne didn’t even take his cellphone out of his pocket before diving in to save him? Or when he donated money to help sponsor the surgery of a dog with his namesake?

Once the internet saw Hobbs’ perfect squishy face, the comment section lit up like a Christmas tree with hundreds of likes, comments, and emojis. The pup stole the post, which is no easy feat when your dad is handsome, chiseled, ten-time champion wrestler and Hollywood legend, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

You can watch the full video from Instagram, below.

Featured Image: Instagram

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