Woman Falls Through Ice In Life-Threatening Attempt To Save Dog

What lengths would you go to if your dog was in danger? While deputies recommend that people let professionals handle rescue situations, it’s hard to stand and watch while your dog suffers. That’s how a woman felt when she saw her small dog fall through the ice into a frigid pond. Instead of waiting for help, she took matters into her own hands, which only made things worse.

But luckily, a hero wasn’t far away. Deputy Evan Depew specializes in saving dogs from icy waters, so he didn’t hesitate to help. He rushed to the scene in hopes of saving the woman and her furry friend.

Cracked ice on pond

Risking Everything For a Dog

According to deputies, the dog named Ethel got away from her owner and ended up on the frozen pond. The ice cracked before the woman could do anything and sent the dog plunging into the dangerous water below. Without thinking twice, the woman climbed onto the pond after the pup, but she fell through the ice before she could bring the dog to safety.

Depew happened to be on his “routine patrol” nearby when he received a call about the woman and her dog. He’s a part of the Emergency Response Services, so he’s trained to assist in specific situations like this. When Depew arrived, the woman’s head and legs were above the water, but the rest of her body was submerged.

A kind stranger had stayed near the edge of the water to make sure the woman was okay. The Good Samaritan acted as an anchor for Depew as he made his way onto the ice toward the woman and dog. Shortly after, he pulled both of them to safety.

Small dog rescued from ice

“The quick response to this call saved the life of a woman and her dog,” the Butler County Sheriff’s Office said.

Two Incredible Rescues

Once on shore, the woman and dog were wrapped in blankets and examined by medical professionals. Thankfully, no one was injured during the terrifying event.

Only weeks before this rescue, Depew saved another dog from thin ice. Kelsey Baez’s German Shepherd puppy had fallen through the ice on a neighbor’s frozen pond. Depew was able to use a lasso to pull the pup to safety. Even though these two rescues were so close together, they were the first of their kind in Depew’s 10-year career.

German Shepherd rescued from ice

“That’s a good day at work. Not every day’s a good day at work, but knowing [I’m] helping people, which I want to do, felt good,” said Depew.

Deputies are reminding people not to rescue their dogs from icy waters on their own. Doing so poses a huge risk to the human involved, which could be life-threatening for both you and your dog. Instead, contact 911 right away and let the professionals handle it.

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